Parenting Topics:

  • Toddlers to Preschoolers
  • Is Your Child Ready for 
  • Potty Training?
  • Setting up everyday routines.
  •  Anytime With Your Child is Quality Time!
  • First-Time Dads- You Ready?
  • How to Bond with your baby? 
  • Teens
  • Girls Night Out (or In)!

These nine months will be one of the biggest journeys of your life, and can also be one of the most challenging. From health and nutrition to psychological support, get advice from educators and other Moms. :)

Join us in our Circle of Parents Groups - We meet every week with fun and informational activities.



Your sweet baby was replaced with this! We promise they are NOT invaded with aliens! (LOL) We are here to support you as you are trying to figure out how to best handle your child who is now in a somewhat of an adult size body! You will survive and hopefully with your sanity. We truly DO understand! Come by or call at anytime to schedule a session with one of  educators. None of us have all the answers because kids are not ALL just alike but, we can help you with information, education and resources to hopefully make your job as a Parent go a little smoother. 

  1. Share Parenting Stories & Tips
  2. Simple Steps to eating Healthier for the whole Family
  3. Whole Family Fitness
  4. What's Your Parenting Style?
  5. Am I a good Parent?

From first steps to first words, there are so many milestones to witness with your baby. Don't let these memories pass. Learn how to make these milestones special and memorable.


Terrific Twos & Threes - Skinned Elbows & Knees

School Aged Children 


Tweens & Teens

We lend support to your parenting role. Offering a listening ear, resources/referrals and even Parenting Classes to help you learn appropriate ways of dealing with the challenges of discipline and everyday life with your child. Ask about our Parenting Programs. 


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Pregnancy & Prenatal Care


A place where families grow!

Oh, boy! Here comes the DRAMA! School can be a struggle for kids and parents alike. We offer support and ideas for making it a success! We also offer a parenting program that addresses this challenging time. Ask about our Strengthening Families Program.